Monthly Archives: December 2015

5 States, 5 Nations, 68 boats

At the close of registration today, we have 68 teams from 5 nations. You could be forgiven for thinking that the 9 teams from Western Australia had travelled a long way at around 4000km, but with teams from South Africa, Denmark and the Netherlands the big distance travellers have flown up to 16000km to sail […]

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Just chillin’

With a fleet of 70 boats expected, over half are already on the beach, and some even hit the water today. Others were happy to get the boat off the trailer, catch up with old friends and chill for just one more day. The shot of the day comes to us thanks to Peter “Doogie” […]

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Where to go?

The 2015 Hobie Nationals might not officially start until tomorrow, but the shoreline is already busy today. As you come on down to the club, please check out the attached images to guide you. There will be lots of activity around the club over the next week. Part of making sure this works well for […]

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