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Totally Immersed TV – Episode 4: Age of the Resurgence

I’m livin’ in the 70s…

The fourth instalment of TITV’s maiden season follows the world’s original off-the-beach catamaran: the humble, yet infamous, Hobie 14. Join Paddy, MB & the rest of Team Vincentia Sailing Club, as they venture to Mannering Park Amateur Sailing Club, on the shores of Lake Macquarie, for the annual Phil Johnston Memorial 14ft Regatta. Joining the Hobie 14s, Paper Tigers, Maricats and Arrows were all racing head-to-head, to find out which class would reign supreme. So, sit back, tune in, drink up and enjoy ‘The Hobie Way of Life’ as we give you an insight the ‘Age of the Resurgence’.

Director, Writer & Producer: Paddy Butler.

Consulting Producers: Mick Butler, Andrew Warneke & Carmen Andrews.

Cinematography: Paddy Butler, Bryn Robinson-Mills, Jimmy Winchester & Brody Watt.

Original Soundtrack:

  • AC/DC’s ‘It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘N’ Roll)’ [1976]
  • The Master’s Apprentices’ ‘Turn Up Your Radio’ [1974]
  • The Angels’ ‘Take a Long Line’ [1978]
  • Cold Chisels’ ‘Merry-Go-Round’ [1979]
  • Midnight Oil’s ‘Back on the Borderline’ [1979]
  • Stevie Wright’s ‘Evie (Part One)’ [1974)
  • AC’DC’s ‘High Voltage’ [1976]
  • Stevie Wright’s ‘Evie (I’m Losing You) [1974]

DISCLAIMER: This is not the original Ep. 4. Our mates on this side of the fence thought is wasn’t right that TITV included some of the greatest Australian songs the 70s had to offer, seeing as though the 70s were truly the Golden Age of Hobie 14 sailing. Anyway…

Day 1 & 2 Gallery – Courtesy of Brett Hord