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Totally Immersed TV Presents: The 50th Hobie Nationals


This has been the 50th Hobie Nationals … and this is Totally Immersed TV!

Coming in hot after The Spain Files, Paddy, Pelican & Elisabeth have picked up a few new members for the TITV team. Bryn, Bridgey, Jimmy and the rest of the Vincentia Sailing Club Grom Squad were on the ground in Jervis Bay, capturing all the action behind the scenes at the 50th celebration of the Hobie Class in Australia. Documenting the mischief, madness and lunacy expressed by the Australian Hobie Family, both on and off the water. Captured through the eyes of Paddy, Elisabeth, Bridget and the rest of the “Totally Immersed” team of journalistic cinematographers, TITV takes you behind the scenes of this historic event, allowing you to experience the world of Hobie Sailing on a whole new level.

So, go ahead, sit back with a beverage and enjoy the Summer’s most anticipated limited series, TITV Presents: The 50th Hobie Nationals

  • Directed by: Paddy Butler
  • Produced by: Paddy Butler
  • Co-Producers: Elisabeth Smith & Bridget Raftery.
  • Associate Producers: Andrew Warneke, Carmen Andrews, & Bryn Robinson-Mills.
  • Cinematography: Elisabeth Smith, Bridget Raftery, Jimmy Winchester, Brody Watt, Andrew Warneke & Paddy Butler.
  • Film Editing: Paddy Butler
  • Music Supervisors: Bryn Robinson-Mills, Will McKenzie & Carmen Andrews.


They’re back, and it’s bigger and better than ever! Pelican & Carmen have arrived nice and early on location in Jervis Bay, greeted by Paddy, Bryn and the rest of the locals from the Vincentia Sailing Club as they begin the set-up for the 50th Hobie Nationals. With the VSC’s Round the Bay Rally only a couple days away, TITV’s very own Elisabeth has brought along her parents and Trev on Christmas Eve for a very wonderful Hobie Family Holiday.

Part 1: Round the Bay Rally

It’s Boxing Day, at that only means one thing: the Vincentia Sailing Club’s ‘Round the Bay Rally’. TITV’s Paddy & Elisabeth team up as a Hobie 16 team for the first time, whilst Dazzy & Claire spend the day prepping for the week to come. However, as we’ve seen previously on TITV, it’s not all about racing…

Watch in wonder as the Hobie Grom Squad send it on the Hobie Getaway, scientifically testing how many individuals can fit on a catamaran. Jimmy, Brody & the rest for the team painstakingly put your theories to work in one of the greatest acts of practical science ever seen…


It’s the first day of the Australian Championships, and it’s Cowboy Sailing at its absolute finest. Biraga Baliya, the ‘big nor’ easter’ blew in hard and fast from the get go, and Bridgey was lucky enough to be out on Jaygo capturing all the action for Totally Immersed TV. There were thrills, spills and nothing but pure adrenaline as 60 Hobie Cats sent it around the off-set, some more than others…


A black nor’easter is a fable told to children at night, striking fear in the hearts of the mere-mortal landlubbers on the east coast of Australia; however, this yarn never reached the bedrooms of the Hobie sailor! Join the Totally Immersed TV team at the 50th Australian Championships as they take your off the shore and onto the cool, blue, choppy waters of Jervis Bay in Biraga Baliya, the big nor’easter! With Paddy on commentator duties, Macca and Rob out on the water, and Bridget, Elisabeth & Bella capturing the action on the shore, don’t miss the most infamous Hobie sailing event in the Land Down-Under.