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The Spain Files

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Here lies TITV’s ‘The Spain Files’, in all its splendour and glory.

The Spain Files documents the mischief and madness managed by Team Australia at the 23rd Hobie 16 World Championships, held in Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spain. Captured through the eyes of Paddy, Andrew and their “Totally Immersed” team of journalistic cinematographers, TITV takes you behind the scenes of this historic event, allowing you at home to experience the Worlds as if you were there.

So, go ahead, sit back with a beverage and enjoy the Spring’s most loved limited series, TITV’s ‘The Spain Files’.

  • Directed by: Paddy Butler
  • Written by: Paddy Butler & Andrew Warneke
  • Produced by: Paddy Butler
  • Co-Producer: Andrew Warneke
  • Executive Producers: Team Australia
  • Supervising Producers: Carmen Andrews, Haylie Andrews & Hannah Bates
  • Cinematography: Paddy Butler, Andrew Warneke, Elisabeth Smith, Meagan Bursa, AJ Luxton & Bella Zanesco.

Episode 1

Featuring Andrew, Carmen & Paddy, the first instalment of The Spain Files focuses on the trip, not so much the final destination, as the trio encounter twist & turns at every corner as they make their way to the 23rd Hobie 16 Worlds.

Episode 2

Watch in wonder as Carmen, Andrew and Paddy link up with the rest of Team Australia in Barcelona, as they make their way to the final destination. Join them as they meet the rest of the team on location.

Episode 3

It’s the calm before the storm. Carmen, Andrew & Paddy explore the surroundings of La Ballena Alegre, and catch up with their fellow Team Australians before hitting up the Masters Opening Ceremony later in the evening. Also, was there a 16 in a pool?

Plain Speakin' w/ The '99 Crew

Park up, grab a beverage and take a seat with The ‘99 Crew, as Hannah, Andrew & Paddy sit down for a yarn and discuss the events that took place on Day 1 of the 23rd Hobie 16 Worlds.

Episode 4

It’s the first day of sailing for the Masters Cup, and Team Australia are absolutely loving it! The sun is shining, the breeze will be blowing (eventually) and the Aussies are all set to send it! Stay tuned as Paddy & Andrew stroll around the beach, catching up with the Team over the course of the day.

Episode 5

Day 2 of the Masters is well underway, however, Team Aus is missing one thing: wind. Carmen & The ‘99 Crew spend the day lounging around with the rest of the Team, before a mandatory debrief session by the pool, followed by an eventful night of mischief and madness.

Episode 6

As the breeze blows heavily from the north, it’s another day of sitting and waiting for Team Australia. However, a new day sees the arrival of some fresh faces. Meagan, Haylie and Juliet are met with refreshments upon arrival, before the TITV Team ventures to the main stage for a chocker-block Queen tribute band, where the Spanish Freddie Mercury mistakes a wobbly Paddy for Kurt Cobain.

Episode 7

It’s the last day of racing for the Masters, and Team Australia is on fire! The beach crew, Paddy & Andrew, are working hard keeping the Team hydrated, before a fun-filled presentation night at the main stage. Disclaimer: No plants/flowers were harmed in the making of the episode.

Episode 8

The opening day of the Women, Youth, Great & Grand Masters sees Team Australia start the morning as expected: slowly. However, as the breeze fills in from the sea, the Aussies are in for a Pearler of a day, before The ‘99 Crew close off the festivities with a bit of plain speakin’.

Episode 9

Andrew is given the freedom, once again, to roam the beach solo, as Paddy is in race mode with Branchy. With a bit of swell hitting the beach, it’s organised chaos as Bella & Juliet show everyone how it’s done. And after a mandatory Team Australia debrief by the pool, The ’99 Crew close off the day with a bit of plain speakin’.

Episode 10

It’s the last day of Series 2, and Team Australia are absolutely loving it! AJ & Morgan are reporting live for TITV, whilst Conor & Joey have been promoted to beach crew. And to top it off, we’ve got champions galore, so it’s a given we’re in for a cheeky night!

Episode 11

It’s the first day of the Open Qualifiers, and Team Australia are already coming in hot. With the imminent arrival of MB playing on Paddy’s mind, along with Hannah’s departure from The ’99 Crew, and the rest of the occupants from Chez Grommet out on the water, the day on the beach is quieter than usual. However, an evening stroll with the WA mob sees TITV head out on an adventure.

Episode 12

The second day of the Open Qualifiers sees the blow come in hard and strong from the south-east, meaning more warmth and the same lumpy, chop. Paddy continues to roam the beach, pondering on what could be, whilst Team Aus begin to make their way back to Costa Brava for the semi-finals in a couple day’s time.

Episode 13

It’s the final day of the Open Qualifiers, and Team Australia are in fine form. Paddy decides to hand the camera over to some of TITV’s finest, Haylie & Meagan, for some much needed beach content. Meanwhile, our rookie on-site, Jackson, sets the house on fire with his commentary on the first day of the Spain Sail Grand Prix, making note of his Uncle Jason’s performance. Finally, what more could you ask for than a bit of plain speakin’ from ‘Chez Grommet’.

Episode 14

It’s the first day of the semi-finals, and it’s on! After a lot of sitting around, the first day was done and dusted, just in time to watch the grand final of the Spanish Sail Grand Prix. But before you go, how good was that band last night? The bloody blew the Hobie Family out of the water!

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Episode 15

It’s getting closer and closer to the final dance, and Team Australia are battling it out. Nedlands Yacht Club are carrying the team, with some quality club racing on the Swan being displayed here in Spain. Meanwhile, Paddy’s out on the water, so it’s time for Meagan & Elisabeth to step up their game for TITV. Also, did anyone find out what happened to Andrew?

Episode 16

The final day of the semi-finals could be considered one of the best so far. Dazzy & Claire are on fire, as are Cam & Suz, but Team Pelican sneaking into the final cut at 47th is no doubt the highlight of the day. Afterwards, Paddy & Andrew take TITV around the corner to the Danish joint, where things begin to get wild.

Episode 17: Part 1

It’s main event time here at the 23rd Hobie 16 Worlds, and Team Aus is in full on race mode. Meagan & Elisabeth take charge for TITV whilst Paddy & Andrew are out on the water. Sitting down for a bit of plain speakin’, the pair summarise the action on water, before they are put to work on refreshment duty as the sailors arrive back on shore after a gruelling day of sailing.

Episode 17: Part 2

It’s the final chapter for The Spain Files, and we are picking up from where we left off. The Butler Boys, and the rest of Team Australia are all geared up for the final dance, however, with another day of waiting set in stone, the TITV crew decide to get up to a bit of mischief on the beach. But as the breeze built and the AP came down, it was off the beach for what was a series of unfathomable events you could only see to believe. Witness it here first, as World Champions are crowned and history is made at the 23rd Hobie 16 Worlds. So, strap in, grab yourself a beverage and watch as Team Australia celebrate the only way they now how…


Doesn’t every good story need a proper ending? In the Epilogue to The Spain Files Saga, all your questions are answered; did the Pelican learn to fly? Did the hero get the girl? And did Team Australia survive what was one of the largest Hobie Family beach parties of all time? All these questions and more, are answered by Paddy & Andrew, as they close out TITV’s The Spain Files.

Be seeing you soon…